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Arrhythmia Treatment : What You Can Expect

Cardiac arrhythmia, also known as dysrhythmia, is a medical condition resulting in an irregular or skipping heart beat. Arrhythmia symptoms range from mild to severe depending on the cause. With various factors leading to the condition’s onset, it is recommended that you see an arrhythmia specialist if you are symptomatic.

Arrhythmia Treatment ; the Prime Suspects

Arrhythmia Treatment : What You Can ExpectThe root causes for arrhythmia, like many other medical conditions related to your heart health, are by-products of heart disease. Strokes, heart attacks, and heart failure-among other health problems-inhibit the heart’s optimal functionality. The marked decrease in your heart’s ability to pump properly leads to a lack of oxygen, reduced blood supply, and-if left untreated-an irregular heartbeat.

Weight Loss Fads

Arrhythmia Treatment and drugs for weight loss have also contributed to a rise in patients with cardiac arrhythmia. These pills, when misused or taken long-term, disrupt the electrical signals between your heart and brain. If the pathway is blocked long enough it can lead to an abnormal rhythm. Side effects like this illustrate why it is important to review all of your current medications with an arrhythmia specialist

Caffeine Addiction and Other Factors

Studies have shown that a high amount of caffeine consumption can make your heart to beat too early. These premature beats, also called flip-flops, are a benign cardiac arrhythmia. The condition should be monitored by an arrhythmia specialist to ensure your long-term health.

Various other risk factors such as repeated trauma, alcoholism, malnutrition, blood clots, excessive exercising and changes in the heart muscle; can cause cardiac arrhythmia to develop. Preventative treatment and lifestyle changes often curb the unhealthy affects of these factors before any persistent conditions are present.

Whatever the cause, if you think you may be at risk for this condition, or you are experiencing heart palpitations, weakness, chest pains, or other symptoms; contact an arrhythmia specialist right away. After all, you only get one heart, it’s very important to keep it healthy and strong for life.

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