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There are a lot of ailments that affect the form and function of the heart. Some of these ailments are contractible while others are genetic. Marfan syndrome is an atypical disorder that causes connective tissue in the body to be weaker than it normally is. There is a direct correlation between this form of tissue weakness and how well the heart and blood vessels work.

Best NYC CardiologistWhat triggers Marfan syndrome?
Marfan syndrome is caused by a defective gene. Domestically; 50,000 people are diagnosed with this condition annually. It is not gender specific and is passed from parent to child. For this reason, doctors recommend talking to a New York Cardiologist and a genetics counselor before Marfan patients begin having children. In about 25% of cases neither parent has the gene, meaning the condition stems from a reproductive mutation.

What are the risks to the heart and blood vessels?
The Marfan defect inhibits protein production within connective tissues. Without enough protein; tissues, arteries, and blood vessels will weaken. The aorta is the source of the body



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