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Cardiologists Reviews

Cardiologists Reviews

A cardiologist is a specialty doctor who treats conditions, diseases and disorders of your heart. If you have specific problems with your heart, your primary practitioner may refer you over to a specialist for treatment or a second opinion.

What is the Heart and Cardiovascular System?

Your heart is a part of the cardiovascular system. This system consists of an extensive network of valves, chambers and blood vessels that work as a team to circulate blood throughout your body. Sometimes problems may occur within the system that not only affects the heart but the blood vessels and valves that supply blood to it. A heart doctor understands how this system works and how to help you stay healthy.

What are My Risk Factors for Heart Problems?

Cardiologists ReviewsIf you have the following risk factors, speak with a cardiologist. Knowing where your heart health stands may help prevent or reduce problems in the future. You may be at risk if you:

  • are male and over the age of 65
  • are female and over 55
  • have a personal or family history of high blood pressure or diabetes
  • smoke
  • are overweight or obese
  • have high cholesterol
  • live a stressful lifestyle
  • do not exercise or consume a healthy diet

What are Common Problems of the Heart?

A specialist can screen you for problems such as coronary artery disease (CAD), high blood pressure and heart arrhythmia. Keep in mind that not all heart conditions show signs or symptoms. Coronary artery disease is one condition that can go unnoticed for a long time before it produces symptoms. Screening may help locate serious and potentially life-threatening diseases like CAD.

When Should I Schedule an Appointment and Why?

Scheduling your appointment now is the first step in finding or preventing a heart problem.

Dr. Seldon, a Heart Doctor and Cardiologist in New York City, offers same day appointments and all testing is done on site.  Call us at (212) 367-8000.



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