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Commonly Run Tests For Sharp Chest Pain

Commonly Run Tests For Sharp Chest Pain

Chest pain is a unique symptom because while it should not be ignored; it should also not be compartmentalized. It is a telltale sign that can mean many things. That’s why cardiologists have developed a specific battery of tests for chest pain.heart-doctor-nyc

They are:

  • Physical exam
  • Blood tests
  • EKG
  • X-rays
  • Scans

Within this diagnostic cross-section, there’s an answer to be found.

Two-Prong Approach to Cardiac Crisis Management

Tests for chest pain were primarily developed for three reasons:

  1. To quickly and effectively diagnose a problem in a cardiac emergency
  2. To learn more about heart function
  3. To narrow the field so that non-emergent chest pain could be adequately treated

A standard diagnostic protocol is followed whether you are in the emergency room or attending a follow-up appointment at a cardiac clinic.

Tests for chest pain will always begin with the physical exam. If you exhibit obvious signs of distress, such as, paleness and profuse sweating, your symptoms will be treated as possible earmarks for surgical intervention. Gripping the symptoms together can be an indication of heart attack, dissecting aneurysm, or pulmonary embolism.

This is just one example of why a physical examination is vitally important before jumping to any conclusions.

Always present Supporting Evidence

The physical examination usually results in a diagnostic hypothesis. The hypothesis then needs to be proven, that is what the remaining tests for chest pain provide – supporting evidence.

Blood tests can indicate things like: renal function, heart attack enzymes, or syphilis; all verifiable causes of chest discomfort.

An EKG offers a window into how your heart is functioning. Based on the view from this test, a cardiologist can develop a more decisive diagnostic plan. Different scans and test that are completed from this point on can better pinpoint the underlying cause of chest pain.

A series of follow-up x-rays are usually next on the list. Upon review, the films have the best chance of locating several likely suspects and giving your heart specialist the best chance that locating and resolving your heart problem as effectively as possible.

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