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Does Anything Need To Be Done About a Heart Murmur

Heart Murmur – Never Neglect it

Of the many heart related problems that can occur in few children and adults, one is the abnormal flow of blood through the heart. This disorder causes certain sounds termed as heart murmur. A doctor can easily detect the sound or murmur during a routine examination with his stethoscope.

Does Anything Need To Be Done About a Heart MurmurThe abnormal sound or heart murmur can result due to:

·         Leakage or narrowing of valves

·         Certain structural defects of the heart

·         Occurrence of abnormal passages that make blood flow near or within the heart.

Depending upon their timing, the murmurs can be systolic or diastolic murmurs. Doctors place these sounds in various grades according to their intensities like:

·         Faint – Grade 1

·         Soft – Grade 2

·         Sound heard all over the pericardium – Grade 3

·         Loud murmur with palpable thrill – Grade 4

·         Extra loud with thrill – Grade 5

·         Extra loud with thrill that can be heard even when the stethoscope is off the chest – Grade 6

Presence of heart murmur in a person does not mean that the person is really sick. Many healthy people especially children have the innocent type of murmur and can get on with their normal life. The murmur will go with passage of time. Sometimes a heart disease condition can result in abnormal murmur. This condition is sometimes present in children since birth. A good cardiologist will be able to distinguish between the two kinds of murmurs.

Reasons for having abnormal murmur:

·         Presence of heart valve disease

·         Congenital heart disease since birth

·         Age related

·         Any disease

·         An infection.

Cases of abnormal murmur should not be ignored. They need a cardiologist’s attention and treatment. If you or your child has symptoms like:

·         Chest pain

·         Breathlessness

·         Poor growth in children

·         Inability to eat

·         Bluish tinge on the skin.

Presence of these symptoms indicates a problematic heart accompanied with heart murmur. This condition needs immediate medical attention and treatment.  Check with your cardiologist and seek relevant treatment through medication or surgery.



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