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Does My High Cholesterol Affect My Heart – All Insurance Accepted

Does My High Cholesterol Affect My Heart – All Insurance Accepted

The link between high cholesterol and heart disease hasn’t been definitively proven, but that doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind. For the sake of your overall health, not to mention your heart, you need to keep things like your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar in check. This article will give you some tips on how to do that.

Paint by Number: the Different Ways We Process Cholesterol

Does My High Cholesterol Affect My Heart - All Insurance AcceptedAs a rule of thumb, people in the United States are told to keep their cholesterol between 150 and 200. Any number above 200 is considered high risk for developing heart disease and other health problems.

In other countries, people have levels as high as 350 and show no sign of heart disease. Specialists believe that this is because of the difference in diet. For that reason, they suggest that the easiest way to lower your level is to change your diet and look for natural medications if nutritional changes aren’t enough.

The other component to look at is how your body processes things.

A Diverged Path

There are two ways cholesterol particles get processed within your body:

1, The particle created  is large and soft with a fuzzy appearance

2. The particle created is small and hard like a pellet

The larger of these particles travels through your body without incident. The smaller of the particles damages your arterial lining as it passes through the body. This damage causes scarring and holes to form within the lining. Over a significant amount of time, the defects caused by the smaller hard particles allows plaque to build up in the arterial walls. If left unchecked, this can trigger various forms of heart disease, including heart attack.

To avoid life-threatening outcomes, get your various levels checked regularly and talk to your cardiologist about natural medications and dietary changes you can make to lower your risk of developing heart disease. Taking these steps improves your heart-health.

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