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There’s a misconception among the general public. Heart disease is a term used to classify over 100 different cardiovascular conditions. Among these conditions are two that are commonly mistaken for one another; a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Believe it or not, these are two different heart problems. Heart Centre specialists have helped to define the differences between these two conditions.

What is SCA?
Exceptional Heart Centre In New York CitySCA, also called sudden cardiac death, occurs when your heart suddenly stops beating. Once the electrical signals that make your heart pump give out, the circulatory process also stops. This means that the oxygenated blood your body needs in order to function can no longer reach your brain and other vital organs. Immediate treatment is needed to restore your pulse or you will die within minutes.

SCA is not a heart attack, but it is often described using similar terms. The main difference between SCA and a heart attack is how each condition affects the heart.

A heart attack is caused when healthy blood flow is slowed or stopped due to a blockage or arterial rupture. Depending on the amount of damage inflicted, this might cause cardiac tissue death without affecting your heart



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