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Find A Location For A Treadmill Test In NYC

Find A Location For A Treadmill Test In NYC

Finding a location for a treadmill test should never be a solo project. The fact that you need a cardiac stress test means that either your general practitioner or a concerned cardiologist has requested the testing. You will most likely be referred to a cardiac clinic, center, or Institute.

The location for a treadmill test is part of cardiac lab work and, therefore, performed at a location that solely focuses on heart health. Patients are not left on their own in finding a location for a treadmill test, just like they are not left alone during the test itself.

A treadmill test focuses on three main areas of heart health:

1.    Find A Location For A Treadmill Test In NYCYour heart rhythm

2.    Your heart rate

3.    The functionality of your heart, lungs, and muscles

There are two types of treadmill tests:

1.    Regular stress test

2.    Metabolic stress test

A regular stress test focuses completely on your heart’s rhythm and rate. A metabolic stress test gathers data from your breathing during exercise and uses that data to analyze the relationship between your heart, lungs, and muscles as you exercise.

Hitting your Stride

Narrowing down the location of a treadmill test is only step one. After that, you should prepare yourself for what amounts to a microwaved workout session.

Before you get on the treadmill, small sticky electrodes will be applied to different areas of your chest. These electrodes pick up the signals from your heart and transfer them onto a machine. From there the cardiologist can look at a printout of information on your heart to get a better idea of what’s going on internally and what might be causing your symptoms.

If you are at a location for a treadmill test that measures metabolic responses, you’ll be hooked up to an additional piece of equipment. A breathing machine similar to a C-PAP that is used for sleep apnea will be applied over your nose and mouth. The machine will analyze your breath and bodily responses as you exercise.

The test takes about 10 minutes to complete. You will start out slow and steadily increase the speed on the treadmill until you hit the heart rate of an aerobic workout that is appropriate for someone in your age group. It is ideal for specialists if you are able to achieve and sustain a short-term threshold of eight.

Unfortunately for patients, the results aren



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