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Find The Best Heart Doctors In New York City

Find The Best Heart Doctors In New York City

To find the best heart doctors in the city, you have to follow the specialty. There are many subcategories within cardiology, just like there are many conditions within heart disease. The key is to know the basics of how the specialty breaks down and then narrow your search from there.

How many kinds of heart specialist are there?

Find The Best Heart Doctors In New York City This is a bit of a trick question. There are a lot of areas of interest within cardiology, but the specialty itself breaks into two different focus areas:

1.    Clinical cardiologist

2.    Interventional cardiologist

Both of these specialists share the same basic knowledge of the heart, but an interventional cardiologist can perform invasive surgeries on the heart, whereas, a clinical cardiologist does a lot of the diagnostic leg work before and after surgery.

It’s not uncommon to start off and find the best heart doctors; clinically speaking and then transferring to an interventional cardiologist if necessary.

Regardless, of if you transfer or not, your clinical cardiologist will remain part of your cardiac care team, even if you are in the hospital. A clinical cardiologist can take the role of consultant in a hospital setting.

If clinical cardiologists aren’t allowed to perform surgeries on the heart, why did mine oversee a cardiac catheterization?

That’s a very good question and it’s one that can confuse heart patients at first.

To be clear, clinical cardiologists aren’t allowed to perform invasive surgeries on the heart, but they are trained to perform some basic internal procedures. This includes cardiac catheterization and diagnostic testing.

Once there is sufficient evidence to indicate a probable diagnosis, you may be referred to a specialist with condition-specific training or be sent to consult with a heart surgeon.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of where to find the best heart doctors, but allowing the heart doctors to send you to the best ones they know of to handle and manage a particular heart condition.

What if I have to find the best heart doctors by myself?

There are a couple of different ways to conduct an effective independent search for your own heart specialist:

1.    Ask your primary care physician who the best cardiologist is who specializes in treating your condition.

2.    Research the top specialists in the field that study and treat your specific problem.

3.    Attend a consultation with a cardiologist in your area and ask who they would see if they had your condition.

Beware of bias and always make sure the heart specialist you choose is properly certified and recognized within the field.

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