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There is a misconception that the necessity of seeing a top cardiologist means that you will not be eligible for insurance coverage. This is false. For patients with congenital (from birth) heart defects or particularly complex forms of heart disease, the care of an expert-level specialist is absolutely essential, as is the ability to navigate insurance issues.

Understanding the Stages of Coveragenyc-heart-check-up

It’s not uncommon for patients with congenital conditions to initially be covered under their parents’ policy. However, there is a point where they age-out of that coverage. When that point hits, you need to be well-versed in what to do next.

Life-long monitoring and treatment for heart disease can come with some coverage pitfalls if you aren’t aware of what to look for ahead of time. These pitfalls could bar you from seeing a top cardiologist, at least in the beginning.

The transition onto an individual insurance policy works much the same whether your heart disease has occurred in childhood or you were diagnosed with it as an adult. You have two basic options for coverage:

1. Group Health Plans through an employer

2. An individual policy from the “high-risk” pool

The most important thing to look for in a Group Health Policy is something called a “pre-existing condition clause.” If heart disease is present before your policy is active, this clause means that your treatment and management will not be covered.

Important Nuts & Bolts

The reality is that if you have a serious heart disease of any kind, you will need to see a top cardiologist on a regular basis. This can be hard since no one can predict future changes in your insurance coverage.

Here are a few details that are good to know despite what happens down the road:

  • As the label “high-risk” indicates, policies in this coverage pool are more expensive because the insurance company is taking a greater risk in providing it.
  • Be careful if you switch jobs. Your insurance coverage may change, which changes how your condition is classified by a new provider.
  • If your employment is terminated, you still qualify for 18 months of insurance coverage through the COBRA Program (60 day window applies).

Advocates are available.

Top Cardiologist in New York

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