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Find The Top Stroke Doctor In Manhattan

Find The Top Stroke Doctor In Manhattan

The human body is made up of cells. Each cell has a function that determines its structure. Some cells are skin cells; others become heart muscle or brain matter.

Speaking of brain matter; the brain is made up of more than 52 trillion cells. Those cells congregate to the left or to the right side of the brain. Depending on the hemisphere they inhabit, they help you to comprehend and translate the world around you. What does all of this have to do with finding a stroke doctor In Manhattan? Everything.

From Normal to Abnormal: Understanding a Neurological Shift

Find The Top Stroke Doctor In ManhattanThe description given in the introduction tells you how a normal human brain is formed. How it functions depends on which hemisphere you’re looking at. The left hemisphere houses your language center and informational details.

In other words, the left side of your brain tells you who you are, reminds you what you do, and tracks the details of your daily life. This is also what allows you to control sound and transform that sound into speech. If you tend to get lost in the details of the day, you probably rely heavily on your left hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean the right half of your brain goes unused.

Both hemispheres of the human brain are designed to work together. The main difference between left and right is that one side usually takes up more space in the conscious mind, while the other fills the subconscious and contributes context to your consciousness.

A better way to look at it might be the left hemisphere thinks in language. The right hemisphere thinks in emotions and pictures. For instance, when you hear the word “dog” what comes to mind? It’s most likely a mental picture that reminds you what the word “dog” is associated with. After all, the word by itself is just a collection of sounds.

That, in a nutshell, is how the human brain works. Now, the question is stroke doctor in Manhattan will try to answer is: what happens when something goes wrong in one of the hemispheres?

Finding your way back: the Journey of Post-Stroke Recovery

Details on the mechanics of a stroke can be found in any medical textbook or online journal. Biologically, it means that either a blood vessel in your brain burst, causing hemorrhage, or a blood clot cut off the flow of blood to the brain.

The first type of stroke we just described is called hemorrhagic. The second stroke we described is called ischemic. From a neurological standpoint, it is better to have a hemorrhagic stroke than an ischemic one because fewer cells die from a hemorrhage when compared to a blockage. The difficulty is a patient’s chances of surviving a hemorrhagic stroke hold steady at about 15%.

So how are healthy brains and damaged brains connected? That’s what a stroke doctor in Manhattan works toward finding out. Stroke survivors have talked about going through a short-term neurological shift on the day of their stroke.

Some patients experience a complete loss of contact with the detailed side of the brain, including language; others lose control of their brain body connection more quickly. A stroke can last several minutes or it can last a few hours. The duration really depends on the type of stroke you



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