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Heart Specialist NYC Reviews

Heart Specialist NYC Reviews

When looking for a heart specialist, reviews can help, but the best thing to look for is experience and relationship. You have to know that your doctor has the background and training to spot indicators of heart disease even when they’re hard to pinpoint. You also have to trust the diagnosis and treatment you receive. The best way to illustrate this balancing act is to apply it to a current situation.

The Value of Recognition

Heart Specialist NYC ReviewsFemale heart patients need an experienced heart specialist. That’s really true in all cases; whether the patient is male or female. The difference it makes here is that women present very differently with symptoms of heart disease or heart attack.

It was once thought that female patients had smaller hearts. This has since been disproved thanks to advancements in research and technology. It turns out that the only reason your blood vessels would be smaller is if you have a smaller heart. The blood supply to your heart should match its size so that the organ is sufficiently supported by the body.

If that’s true, why did researchers originally assumed women have smaller cardiac vessels?
The answer lies in what they didn’t know about women and heart attacks.

A Key Difference

Normally, you have a heart attack because your coronary arteries are blocked with calcified plaque. The blockage cuts off blood flow to the section of your heart. In women, things work a little differently.

Instead of experiencing a blockage; many female patients develop what’s called



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