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Genetics play a definite role in the development of heart disease, but how large that role is remains to be seen. Successfully mapping our genetics can lead to advancements in preventative care and treatment. This article will take a closer look at this area of cardiac research.

The Dirty Dozen: The Truth About The “Heart Attack Gene”

There is a misconception that heart attacks are caused by one or two specific genes. Actually, dozens of genes are responsible for cardiac maladies.

This theory is supported by a study involving 10,000 participants who have given their DNA results to the GeneBank Project. The project is dedicated to creating a genetic map for heart disease.

Heart Specialists

Heart SpecialistsVarious genes have been linked to:

·        Weakened arterial walls

·        Inflammation

·        Arterial cracking

·        Cholesterol processing

·        Numerous other cardiovascular triggers

These genetic factors can increase your risk for a heart attack by anywhere from 1 to 50 percent depending on all the risk factors involved.

Mapping Out A Goal

The goal of recording all of the mutations is to produce a thorough blood test. The test would be based on genetic susceptibility and other risk factors.

These variables include:

·        Weight

·        Blood pressure

·        Cholesterol

·        Diet

·        Other variables

Considering that 50 percent of men and 64 percent of women die of sudden non-symptomatic heart failure; proper risk assessment is crucial.

The Future of Cardiac Diagnostics

Standard tests like an angiography, CT, or cardiac scan can locate plaque deposits, but they can’t gauge whether there is critical danger. Heart specialists are working to improve their diagnostic methods. Until genetic tests become part of an all-inclusive treatment protocol, cardiologists suggest patients continue to use drug therapy, diet, and exercise to help prevent or manage heart disease.

Genetic research continues to thrive. One day it will help keep hearts healthier and add years to your life. Contact  local heart specialists to find out more about this cutting-edge research.

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