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How to Find an NYC Cardiac Clinic

How to Find an NYC Cardiac Clinic

There is a silent killer that you should be aware of. Coronary heart disease (CHD) is one of the major causes of death worldwide. More than one million people die each year from CHD in the US alone.

There are many risk factors associated with CHD. If you have any of these risk majors, you will need to visit a cardiac clinic. Some of these risk factors are:

  • How to Find an NYC Cardiac ClinicObesity-When you are overweight, fat, cholesterol and other lipoproteins can get into the vessels including your heart vessels. This causes the heart to work harder to pump blood around the body. This then leads to CHD.
  • Age-As you get older, the heart deteriorates. This makes it more likely for the heart to fail and you to develop CHD.
  • Comorbidity-If you have hypertension or diabetes, you are always at risk of developing CHD.
  • Unhealthy diet and Lack of physical activity- An unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity makes you obese and as explained above, that will leave to CHD

These are the major risk factors, however other risk factors are:

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Gender
  • Family history

If you have any of the major risk factors, it is very important for you to take action by visiting a cardiac clinic. The cardiologists at the cardiac clinic will assess your condition, and then will make recommendations that will help protect you against CHD.

There is no time like now to take action to protect your health.

Dr. Seldon, a Heart Doctor and Cardiologist in New York City, offers same day appointments and all testing is done on site.  Call us at 888.474.



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