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How to Receive The Best Cardiac Care

Cardiac care has come a long way. Doctors can help patients facing heart disease through drug therapy, lifestyle adjustments, surgical procedures, bypasses, and even give them an artificial heart while they wait for a transplant. But with all of these advancements there’s one question that drives researchers to constantly look for better treatment models; who gets heart attacks and why?

The Human Heart; A Biological Pressure Washer

How to Receive The Best Cardiac CareA healthy heart beats 100,000 times a day. Those heartbeats circulate 6 quarts of blood through the veins and arteries in your body. Your blood pressure keeps the flow consistent and brisk, as it enters and exits the ten ounces of cardiac muscle housed in the center of your chest. This naturally continuous current helps clean your blood vessels.

Building Blocks of Medical Theory: Changing Our View of Heart Disease

In an unhealthy heart, with poor pressure, the arteries begin to strain and bend. Each bend creates a small off-shoot where excess cholesterol collects, oxidizes into the artery wall, and hardens into plaque.

Until recently, cardiac care was developed using the “clogged-pipes model” Just as minerals can build-up and clog pipe lines; cholesterol can accumulate in our heart and impede healthy blood flow. This model has been dismissed as outdated because genetic research has proven that heart disease isn’t that simple.

The Truth About Plaque & Genetics

The majority of heart attacks occur when plaque build-up ruptures the wall of an artery. This causes a blood clot to form and the heart stops pumping.

New scientific findings suggest that your chances for a heart attack may depend on what type of plaque your body produces.  A different type of plaque, that is softer and tackier, is fast-acting and equally dangerous.  Cardiologists are recommending screenings and further genetic testing for at-risk patients; starting with a look at their family histories.

Do not wait for a heart attack to happen.  Make these preventative measures part of your regular cardiac care.

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