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Is a Heart Murmur Serious

Are Heart Murmur Serious :
When it comes to heart murmurs, many people seem to have the impression that some types of heart murmurs are not serious and do not require medical attention. This may be a potentially crucial mistake.

About Heart Murmurs

Is a Heart Murmur SeriousHeart murmurs are an unusual sound heard during a normal examination using a stethoscope. Normally, when blood moves through the heart, the blood flows smoothly, creating the typical ba-bum sound of a heartbeat. However, if the blood does not move smoothly through the heart, an extra sound is generated, which is a heart murmur.

Abnormal Heart Murmurs

The reason why a heart murmur can be serious is that it may indicate heart valve disease or another heart or health condition. Heart valve disease usually occurs as part of another condition, infection or disease.

Heart valve abnormalities also may result in a murmur, such as a narrowed, leaking, bowing or stiffening of a valve. Another possibility is endocarditis, which means there is an infection of the heart’s lining, causing destruction to one or more of the heart valves.

Any of these conditions require treatment and supervision by a cardiologist, as there may be underlying conditions that could be serious or even fatal if not treated. If you suspect that you have a heart condition, you should contact a local cardiologist for an evaluation as soon as possible.

Harmless Heart Murmurs

Some heart murmurs are harmless, also called a functional heart murmur, and are often detected in children. However, only a doctor can determine if a child



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