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Is Heart Disease Genetic – All Insurance Accepted

Is Heart Disease Genetic – All Insurance Accepted

Genetics has always played a role in patient health. That role changes depending on the individual issues of the patient. Heart disease comes with its own genetic component. Yes, it is possible for heart disease to run the family. This article will let you know what that means for you and for future generations.

All in the Family

Is Heart Disease Genetic - All Insurance AcceptedWhat are genetics? Genetics are proteins that dictate how your body forms tissues and molecules. Some of these proteins come with pre-set strengths and weaknesses that are inherited from your family.

These pre-set catalysts can trigger health programs that are shared by several family members. The list of possibilities includes heart disease. That’s why; there’s such a wide range of physical indicators and responses to heart problems.

Some patients can dramatically improve their risk level through basic changes, like a heart healthy diet and regular exercise. Other patients may require medication or surgeries to correct underlying vulnerabilities.

The treatment protocol really depends on how your body is affected by heart disease. Scans and tests can be done to determine the genetic risk. It is also very helpful to review your medical history and records of any previous heart treatments. Your genetics matter. That’s why; a cardiologist will specifically ask you about your family history during a consultation.

Decoding the Unknown

Genetics help specialists decode what is still unknown about diseases. In many cases, it is still too early to tell what causes cardiac problems  in families. However; generic information has revealed that they are  more common among women than men and more prevalent in certain minority groups.

If you know your risk, please speak to a local cardiologist. The more genetic abnormalities that are identified and tracked; the better doctors are able to treat patients in need. Do not take undue risk with your heart. You only get one, treat it well. Contact a cardiologist for more information on genetics and heart disease. Referrals re available.

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