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Locate a Doctor in NYC for Bad Blood Pressure

Locate a Doctor in NYC for Bad Blood Pressure

A bad blood pressure doctor may seem a bit like overkill until you consider what high blood pressure means for your heart. True, it is possible for general practitioner to treat certain cases of hypertension, but once the effects go beyond what is considered naturally manageable or borderline, it is time to see a specialist.

Locate a Doctor in NYC for Bad Blood Pressure

Many patients avoid this eventuality because they do not understand the

true severity of the risk they are facing. High blood pressure causes significant, yet silent, harm to your heart. A bad blood pressure doctor is your best hope for comprehensive, long-term treatment that saves not only your heart function, but the heart muscle itself.

Read on for more information about what that truly means.

The Startling Truth about High Blood Pressure

Before we get into how to treat hypertension, let’s look at what it does to your heart.

In a healthy heart, it takes a balance of contraction and pressure to circulate the blood through the heart and into the body. A healthy blood pressure keeps your heart rate study and your profusion rate (how quickly the blood circulates through the body) stable. Your organs and internal structures receive the vital support and nutrition they need to keep going.

Patients with hypertension experience a drastic imbalance in pressure and circulation. It is normal for your heart rate and blood pressure to increase if you are under stress or highly physically active. However, this function is meant to be used in short bursts and not remain constant over a long period of time

You want your pressure to fluctuate based on your everyday activities, but a constant rate that is too high or too low can actually cause damage to the heart itself.

A link has been found between high blood pressure, sugar intake, and soft plaque in the walls of your arteries and blood vessels. It is now thought by almost every bad blood pressure doctor that the prolonged increase in pressure causes your blood flow to damage your arteries. The damage lacerates and perforates the soft lining of the arterial wall allowing soft plaque to settle within the lining. Diabetes also damages your blood’s ability to circulate properly.

Once the plaque is inside the arteries, it continues to build up until it calcifies and causes a rupture. Oddly, the rupture isn’t necessarily the dangerous part. The healing process can set off a fatal chain reaction. Your body naturally sends healing agents to the area of the rupture. The first thing these agents do is form a blood clot to seal the rupture. If the clot is big enough it can restrict or block the artery completely, causing a heart attack.

Early Detection is Prevention

Now, you have a better understanding of why a bad blood pressure doctor is necessary. They are not only looking for hypertension warning signs; they’ve also been trained to recognize the physical symptoms that precipitate a heart attack.


There are certain medications that can, for lack of better terms, act as sponges and cause soft plaque deposits to dry up, thus eliminating the threat of an arterial rupture. In addition, if you’re at high-risk for heart disease and heart attack, a low-dose daily aspirin regiment may be prescribed to thin the blood and stop clots from forming.

 It is standard procedure to prescribed low-dose aspirin therapy for patients who have already had a heart attack. That being said; do not start taking aspirin without the express consent of a cardiologist or general practitioner. You are putting yourself at undue risk for internal bleeding and organ damage if you take aspirin incorrectly, prematurely, or unnecessarily.

The most difficult pill to swallow for a bad blood pressure doctor is the fact that hypertension is frequently mismanaged. It



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