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Most Trustworthy New York City Heart Doctor

Most Trustworthy New York City Heart Doctor

How much you can trust your New York City heart doctor can be difficult to gauge at first. One of the quickest ways to find out where you stand with each other is to pose a difficult question.

According to a current public health research study conducted at the University of Chicago, one of the toughest questions to answer involves having sex after a heart attack. The answer to the question doesn’t seem to be the difficult part; the difficulty is figuring out how to talk about the subject in the first place.

Surviving the Awkward Pause: Sexual Health & Heart Attacks

new york city heart doctorThe primary goal of your New York City heart doctor is to restore your heart to a healthy functioning level and to keep that level stable. The primary goal for you as a patient is returning to a “normal” life. This is where a trustworthy doctor-patient relationship can bridge the gap of communication and accomplish both goals simultaneously.

Whether you’re comfortable discussing it or not; sexual health is part of the recovery process after most medical procedures. It



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