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NYC Cardiologist Dr. Mark Seldon M.D. NYU Hospital

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Interventional cardiologists deal exclusively with the catheter-based treatment of structural heart disease. The field is known for developing new experimental procedures that are less invasive to high-risk heart patients. To that end; a there has been a breakthrough in the non-surgical treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms. This article will explain how the treatment works.

NYC Cardiologist Dr. Mark Seldon M.D. NYU HospitalWhat is an aortic aneurysm?
An aneurysm occurs because-over time- high blood pressure creates weakened blood vessels. The increased pressure forces the vessel to bulge outward, thinning its protective covering. If left untreated, these bulges can rupture. In vessels that carry a large blood supply, the bulge is extremely dangerous.

The aorta is the main channel that carries your heart



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