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NYC Heart Doctor v NYC Heart Surgeon

The difference between a heart doctor and a heart surgeon is pretty straightforward. At the same time, it’s not a distinction that patients pay a lot of attention to until they need to. It’s similar to the difference between management and intervention.

Where to Turn When Management isn’t Enoughnyc-best-heart-doctor

Heart disease has cumulative subtle symptoms as well as severe acute ones when the situation becomes critical. A heart doctor deals with long-term ongoing symptoms, while a heart surgeon addresses emergent situations and conditions that effect the functionality of your heart.

Both of these specialists can be part of a comprehensive cardiac care team. A heart doctor may be brought in before or after a cardiac event has occurred. They are able to perform some minimally invasive procedures and diagnostic testing. If the treatment needs go beyond that, a heart surgeon is called in.

Just like heart doctors are divided into different categories and specialties, heart surgeons work on different areas and conditions related to cardiac function. It’s important to diagnostically narrow down the cause so that you are referred to the right surgeon.

The Value of Collaboration

Diagnostics aren’t the only thing that take teamwork. The teamwork between a doctor and a surgeon continues from the diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation and ongoing care.

Surgeons are well-trained to deal with:

  • Unblocking arteries
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Murmurs and other structural problems

After the immediate danger is dealt with, patients will be referred to a cardiologist.

Generally, patients begin to feel better and believe that they are out of the woods, but the truth is that this period of time is where adhering to the advise of a cardiologist can save your life. Many patients who have had persistent heart trouble are in danger of having a relapse within six months.

There is more to fixing heart problems than surgery. The goal should be to improve your heart function and support your ongoing heart health. Things like nutrition, exercise, and monitoring your numbers can be a great predictor of your ongoing condition management.

Each of these doctors may perform a different list of heart-related duties, but they also play essential roles in ensuring heart health, from the basic to the complex; providing a complete picture of the heart.

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