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Stroke Screening Test

A stroke screening is the simplest and most effective means of preventing the life-altering complications that result from neurological bleeds and blood clots. If you are wondering how this life-saving procedure works, this article will prepare you for what to expect.

Stroke Screening Expectations

Stroke Screening TestThe procedure is called a carotid artery/stroke disease screening. It is quick, pain-free, and non-surgical. You will lie on your back on a standard exam table. Once you are properly positioned, a technician will put gel on your neck (similar to the type used in ultrasounds). They apply a small hand held wand, called a transducer, to the gelled area. It projects an image of your carotid arteries and allows doctors to see if your neurological blood flow is sufficient and healthy.

The Findings

The artery images are studied and the rate of blood flow is measured. Any plaque build-up in the arteries that is impeding blood flow is also noted. The cardiologist receives a report with one of the following results:



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