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The Best Cardiologist In New York

There are a lot of milestones that correlate to a specific age or gender, but unfortunately diseases affecting the blood vessels are not one of those.  Consultations with a cardiologist are normally recommended because your primary care physician suspects that you are at an elevated risk for cardiovascular disease.  Heart disease affects more than 80 million people every year, so doctors are well aware of the detection and diagnosis from the early stages.

Who is at Risk?

  • The Best Cardiologist In New YorkIf you have at least one immediate family member with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, this may signal your physician to refer you to a cardiologist for evaluation.
  • Having a family history dealing with heart disease may be the trigger needed to prompt a visit to check how your heart functions.

However, there are certain symptoms that may alert you to the importance of seeking a cardiology consultation including:

  • Pain or discomfort in your chest, which can be an indicator of narrowing arteries that provide the necessary blood flow to your heart
  • Disturbances in your heart rhythm, such as palpitations or skipped heartbeats
  • Short of breath, which may be a problem with your valves or congestive heart failure
  • A heart attack that will necessitate continual care once the emergency has passed
  • Circulation issues could mean that the heart is not pumping blood through the body properly

Getting a Referral to a Cardiologist

Whenever your primary care physician detects something that doesn



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