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The Best Cardiologists In New York City

There are many kinds of cardiologists offering their services inNew York City. These are classified as follow:

  1. General Cardiologist
  2.  Interventional Cardiologist
  3. Electrophysiologist
  4. Pediatric Cardiologist
  5. Cardiac and vascular surgeons

The Best Cardiologists In New York CityYour choice of the best varies with your needs. Nevertheless, here are some of the ideal qualifications many are looking for with their cardiologist.

ü      Accessibility

You may opt for someone near your place of vicinity for easier access, especially in times of emergency.

ü      Experience

His number of years in the medical field speaks of his skills.

ü      Sensitive Heart

You expect someone to be sensitive to your needs and not keen on the revenue he will earn from you.

Patients want someone who will patiently listen to your inconveniences. You do not want someone who will order you to take medications without explaining the details of this prescription. You want someone who will gladly explain to you your condition and the reason why he is providing you with these types of medications. You want a cardiologist that shows concern to the needs and pain of the patient more than the revenue he will earn from you. You need someone with a kind heart and understanding soul combined with skillful hands that will ease you of your pain.

The Role of the Interventional Cardiologists

Many are not quite certain with the role played by interventional cardiologists. Here are some facts that will shed light to some of their main tasks and responsibilities.

v     The task is often associated with the treatment of cholesterol, calcium, and fat deposits, which are the main culprit for clogged arteries resulting to several cardiovascular problems.

v     These are licensed individuals who have passed the Certification Exam in Interventional Cardiology.

v     They continue their professional education and attend recent seminars to keep themselves updated with the best techniques that will favor their patient’s health, which includes communication hypertension, preventive cardiology, and heart failure prevention tips.

Dr. Seldon, a Heart Doctor and Cardiologist in New York City, offers same day appointments and all testing is done on site. Call us at (212) 367-8000.



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