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The Best Interventional Cardiologist In New York

The best interventional cardiologist in New York is one who can perfectly meet your needs as a patient. Interventional cardiology, as opposed to traditional cardiology, uses minimally invasive techniques to diagnose and treat certain cardiovascular diseases. This means that interventional cardiologists have found an alternative way to treat heart problems without subjecting their patients to surgery.Interventional Cardiology Procedures

Locate A Specialist For Blood Pressure In ManhattanAn interventional cardiologist usually performs procedures by cutting a one-inch incision over the femoral artery in your upper leg or groin area and inserting a hollow, flexible tube called a catheter into the artery. With the aid of real-time x-ray, the catheter is looped through to the problem area where various techniques can be done to get rid of the problem. Most interventional cardiology procedures are done to treat cardiovascular problems caused by plaque, hardened deposits of fat, cholesterol and calcium in the arteries.

Benefits of Seeing an Interventional Cardiologist 

Patients can benefit largely from interventional cardiology largely because the procedures are not as invasive. There is often no need for general anaesthesia because most procedures involve only a small incision, which also reduces post-operative pain and risks for infection. Symptoms, such as chest pains and shortness of breath, are easily relieved and the recovery period is shortened considerably.

Do You Have a Heart Problem?

Heart disorders are a silent killer, and America’s No. 1 killer at that. Therefore, it is crucial that you should have any heart problems detected and treated long before they can grow out of proportion. There are risk factors that indicate that you might have these problems yourself.

  • Is there a history of heart disease in your family?
  • Do you experience chest pain or discomfort?
  • Do you drink or smoke regularly?
  • Do you live a sedentary lifestyle?

If you answered at least one question with yes, then you might be at risk. Don’t hesitate now. Call an interventional cardiologist and save your heart.Dr. Seldon, a Heart Doctor and Cardiologist in New York City, offers same day appointments and all testing is done on site. Call us at (212) 367-8000.



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