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What are Heart Failure Symptoms

Heart failure can take two forms. Chronic heart failure is an ongoing condition that starts progressively and continues over time. Acute heart failure occurs suddenly with symptoms appearing without warning. Seeking treatment immediately can make the difference in your chances of survival, so it is crucial to understand the symptoms of heart failure.

Overall Body Indicators

What are Heart Failure SymptomsOne of the most important things about identifying cardiac health problems is to listen to your body’s subtle queues. It is easy to overlook some of the more understated symptoms until it progresses to more noticeable, severe indicators.

When you find that you are struggling to do routine exercises, fighting persistent fatigue and muscle weakness, this may be your body’s reaction to a weakening cardiovascular system. These symptoms may also be accompanied by difficulties concentrating and a lack of focus. If you notice these symptoms, you may easily discard them as indicators of increased life demands, vowing to get more sleep.

Additionally, as your cardiovascular system is increasingly strained, your body retains fluid. One of the early signs of fluid retention is swelling in your lower extremities, such as your ankles and feet. You may also notice gradual weight gain despite a loss of appetite and frequent nausea. This weight gain is a result of your body retaining fluids.

Respiratory Struggles

If you experience shortness of breath, particularly when lying down or after physical activity, it may be cause for concern. If it is sometimes accompanied by wheezing, and a cough that persists despite your efforts to treat it, it may be an indicator of significant cardiovascular concerns.

Time to Call a Doctor

A racing heart rate, irregular heart beat and chest pain are all significant indications of heart failure. When chest pain and heart rate fluctuation is accompanied by dizziness, cold sweats and a lightheaded feeling, these are all serious symptoms that require immediate medical attention. If you haven’t already called your doctor about some of the early indications, you should call immediately when you discover these symptoms.



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