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What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Treadmill Test

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Treadmill Test

Getting a treadmill test is not only good for your heart, it also has other benefits that you may not have considered. It’s true that stress is part of what fuels the test, and but it’s not the stress you’re used to. Stress in this case refers to a certain level of physical exertion. That exertion highlights some important aspects of your current cardiac health and day-to-day lifestyle.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Treadmill TestWhy is this test beneficial?

On a very logical level, getting a treadmill test will tell you how well your heart is functioning.

When you work out, your body burns through more oxygen in order to circulate a sufficient amount of blood through your heart and body. If that blood flow is restricted or blocked, it will show up in your heart rate, rhythm, and metabolic functions.

This is one of the earliest predictors of heart disease and heart attack available. The sooner any problems are found, the better they can be dealt with.

Another benefit of this test is in how you respond to it. The American Heart Association estimates that at least 60% of the American population is under active. Being underactive is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease. In order for a risk factor to be considered major, it has to at least double your risk of heart disease. The only other factors that rank as high as under activity are:

  • Smoking
  • Being overweight

Getting a treadmill test might be your first exposure to a sustained period of exercise. The exposure can tell you what kind of aerobic workout works best for you and you might enjoy the physical activity more than you expected to. Anything that improves your odds of sticking to a heart healthy lifestyle should be considered beneficial.

What if the test results are problematic?

The good news is that the signs have been found. The focus can now shift to treating the symptoms and monitoring your progress.

Even if getting a treadmill test shows that you are at an increased risk for a health hazard like a heart attack, it’s better to know sooner than later. Now, you can focus on successfully counteracting the development of coronary artery disease and other potentially life-threatening conditions.

This may not sound like a benefit at the time, but given the alternative tests like these can indicate the effectiveness of treatment protocols and minimize the harmful effects of heart disease. Ask any cardiologist and they will tell you that the greatest benefit these tests can give you is life-changing knowledge.

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