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What Are The Benefits Of Laser Vein Removal

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Vein Removal

Many patients have asked about the benefits of laser vein removal. There is some concern that the procedure may be harmful or unhealthy. These concerns are unfounded. Every procedure has risks, but laser vein removal is a minimally invasive way to treat a condition before it becomes problematic.

A Progressive Problem

Varicose veins usually start out unsightly, but painless. They can be a result of anything that the stress on your skin or circulatory system.

This includes:twitter-logo

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight gain
  • Hormonal changes
  • Edema
  • Hereditary conditions

These and other stressors can cause your veins to become enlarged, raised, and darkly colored.

As time goes on, it’s not uncommon for patients with varicose veins to start having circulatory problems, discomfort, and heaviness in the extremities. Changes to your vascular system, such as varicose veins can be the source of these symptoms. Laser vein removal is a relatively quick and painless way to relieve the symptoms.

Either a laser fiber or a small radio frequency catheter is inserted directly into the vein. This is called laser ablation. When the heat from the laser is applied directly to the vein wall, it shrinks, seals off, and collapses the vein.

Contrary to what many people believe, collapsing and unhealthy vein can actually improve circulation.

Restoring Healthy Blood Flow to the Body

Varicose veins are at an increased risk of clotting and also increase the possibility of developing stasis ulcers. Once they become painful, it is time to discuss treatment solutions with a specialist.

Insurance companies generally cover laser vein removal if it is for the negative symptoms associated with varicose veins, and not the cosmetic or elective treatment of spider veins. However, they may stipulate that you try conservative treatments like medication and compression stockings first.

Assuming that those treatments fail; laser vein removal can relieve the painful symptoms, improve bodily circulation, and greatly reduce the risk of developing other complications. All of this can be done in a quick and relatively efficient manner that doesn’t involve truncating, stripping, or surgically removing parts of the vein.

Once the vein is sealed off and they can no longer carry blood flow, your body naturally redistributes that blood flow into other veins in the surrounding area. That’s what makes this treatment a solution for deep vein thrombosis and persistent circulatory problems.

Of course, patients should always talk to a specialist before undergoing a procedure like this. The specialist will review the benefits and risks associated with laser vein removal and make sure that you’re fully prepared.

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