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What Does Laser Vein Removal Cost

What Does Laser Vein Removal Cost

There are several reasons a patient would look into laser vein removal cost. It is possible to get prolonged relief from the pain and discomfort of varicose veins using compression stockings and pain medication, but eventually removal may be the only effective means of full relief.

Is this is the case, once you know a few things about your procedural options, it will be easier to make the right decision for your individual case. This article will offer some insight into how the procedure is priced out.

Several Options, but the Price May Vary

Laser vein removal cost ranges between $150 and $1,000. The difference in price depends on the type of laser removal you choose and how complex the procedure is.

Some of the methods may need to be repeated multiple times over 6 to 8 weeks before the final results are visible; this affects the overall price of getting the procedure done. There are also other factors that can affect the price.


  • The number of veins being treated
  • The size of the veins
  • Whether multiple areas are being treated
  • The experience level of the specialist
  • How long the procedure takes

Laser vein removal is often preferred to other injectable or surgical methods because it can be done quickly, often within 30 minutes.

It is more expensive than the injectable option; starting at $400 per session. Most likely, multiple sessions will be needed and you can’t count on your vein treatment fitting into the 30 minute window. The number of sessions and length of the sessions varies.

More about Insurance Coverage

It is wise to expect that the bill for the entire treatment will start in the $2,500.00 range. Insurance will usually cover the laser vein removal cost based on a couple of conditions:

  1. You have tried more conservative deep vein treatments like medication and compression stockings first. You can show evidence that these methods didn’t work sufficiently and surgery is the best option in your case.
  2. The procedure you’ve chosen is for a matter of medical necessity, not a cosmetic or elective issue. The presence of varicose veins poses a threat to your health and circulation.

There are internal laser treatments that are delivered directly into the vein wall through a small incision, and there are external laser treatments, which use the heat emitted from the laser to collapse and break up the vein.

All methods have been deemed safe for use and they can restore healthy circulation to the body. Consultations are available.

Dr. Seldon, a Heart Doctor and Cardiologist in New York City, offers same day appointments and all testing is done on site.  Call us at (212) 367-8000.



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