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Where Do I Find The Best Heart Attack Treatment

Where Do I Find The Best Heart Attack Treatment

The answer to the question of where to find the best heart attack treatment begins with your very own medicine cabinet.

A heart attack is a difficult occurrence to predict. The biggest reason for this is that the blood flow to your heart can be restricted or partially blocked without showing any outward signs or symptoms. It’s only when the blockage reaches 90 to 100 percent that you began to have physical responses. You have to act quickly to preserve your cardiac function and save your life.

This article will focus on a few key steps you can take to increase your chances of survival and access the best heart attack treatment available.

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Patients don’t often realize how small the window to access heart attack treatment actually is. In fact, they tend to avoid the information until it’s absolutely necessary to know. Don’t avoid this information. The knowledge can save your life, but you have to have it ahead of time.

Cardiologists estimate that from the time an infarction begins they have 90 minutes to unblock the heart and resort of the blood flow before too much heart muscle has died for your heart to function. As scary as that is, there are things you can do to keep time on your side.

1.    The moment you start having chest pains chew an uncoated aspirin. Aspirin is a blood thinner an anticoagulant. It will stop blood clots from forming (also beneficial during a stroke).

2.    Immediately tell a friend or loved one that you think you’re having a heart attack. Ask them to call 911 and inform the operator that it’s a possible heart attack. That information will be relayed to the paramedics who will in turn relay it to the hospital while you are en route. That means, by the time the ambulance pulls into the hospital, the staff will be fully prepared for heart attack treatment.

3.    They will move as quickly as possible to unblock the heart and restore healthy blood flow. Some treatment centers and hospitals can unblock a heart in as little as 50 minutes, but the average is 90.

4.    During your recovery, find out about the best local cardiac rehab program available. When you are released from the hospital, enroll in that program. You are not out of the woods just because you survived one heart attack. Without rehab, you are 4 to 6 times more likely to have second one within six months.

This is how to get the best heart attack treatment possible.

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