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Will I Have Heart Disease if My Father Did – All Insurance Accepted

Will I Have Heart Disease if My Father Did – All Insurance Accepted

Genetics definitely play a role in heart disease. How big a role that is remains to be seen. While specialists are able to map out a lot of genetic information; it will take time for that information to be collected and translated into treatment options. The main thing to realize is if heart disease is in your family history, you will need to address your cardiac health at an earlier age.

How old is your heart?

What Can A Vascular Ultrasound Do For MeFor many people, heart disease does not enter the conversation until they’re in their late 40s to early 50s. For someone with a family history of the condition the discussion starts much sooner.

By the time at risk patients are in their 30s, their heart health is being closely monitored. Certain genetic responses within the body can make these patients more susceptible to heart problems. The best way to look at it is by using one of three scenarios:

1.    Your genetics have made you resistant to heart disease.


2.    You are susceptible to mild heart conditions, but that susceptibility can be greatly reduced by adopting a heart healthy lifestyle.


3.    Your genetics have made you more vulnerable to serious heart conditions.

Developing a strong doctor-patient relationship is the best thing you can do for your heart health if you’re at greater risk for cardiovascular conditions.

Preventative Care Means Planning Ahead

Things like:




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