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Atrial Fibrillation

Know The Facts: Atrial Fibrillation is when your heart doesn’t beat efficiently. This effectively means your heart is inefficient and cannot pump enough blood out to your body with each beat.

It is extremely common for people to have no idea that they have atrial fibrillation because very often, there are no symptoms.  A lot of times, people only become aware of the fact that they have atrial fibrillation after they have seen a doctor.

Atrial FibrillationThose who do have atrial fibrillation symptoms may experience:

Palpitations, which are sensations of a racing, uncomfortable, irregular heartbeat or a flopping in your chest

Decreased blood pressure




Shortness of breath

Chest pain

Atrial fibrillation may be:

         Occasional. In this case it’s called paroxysmal (par-ok-SIZ-mul) atrial fibrillation. You may have symptoms that come and go, lasting for a few minutes to hours and then stopping on their own.

         Chronic. With chronic atrial fibrillation, your heart rhythm is always abnormal.

Atrial fibrillation is the most common cause of hospital admittance due to heart disease and you should consult your doctor immediately if you have chest pain or are afraid you have it and don’t know it because it often does not show symptoms.

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