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Locate A Specialist For Blood Pressure In ManhattanHeart Doctor

A primary question for a lot of patients with Heart Failure (HF) is what their life expectancy is after they


Heart Doctors NY

Heart Doctors NY

If you could describe the entire medical field in one word, what would it be? Here are some answers that come to mind: innovative, life-changing, evolving; but perhaps the most interesting answer is broad. No one is more familiar with how broad the field is than NY heart doctors. They take a diagnosis of heart disease and narrow it down to a root cause. For instance, look at Ischemia.

Heart Doctors NYIschemia is a condition where your oxygenated blood flow is temporarily interrupted. This wide-ranging diagnosis can affect any area of your body. To track it more specifically you have to look at where the problem originates.

Cardiac Ischemia refers to minimized blood flow in the heart muscle. This condition has been linked to Variant Angina and-in severe cases-heart attack and cardiac tissue death. There’s a type of Ischemia that causes chest pain and a type that does not; the latter is called Silent Ischemia.

How common is Silent Ischemia, and what are the risks?
It’s estimated that  between 3 and 4 million people are affected by Silent Ischemia. Patients who have already had a heart attack or are diabetic are at greater risk. If left untreated, the condition can cause Cardiomyopathy and lead to heart failure.

Other risk factors include:


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New York City CardiologistsAfter conducting several research studies on a cross-section of their patients; New York City Cardiologists have identified certain variables that increase a person


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Best Cardiologist NYC

cardiologist-nycWe have all been told about the social and emotional differences between the sexes, but did you know that gender also plays an important role in your heart health? While men suffer heart attacks more often than women, the symptoms of a heart attack present differently in women. This article will review what the symptomatic differences are. The distinctions are important to learn because they could save your life or the life of a loved one.

The Matter of Time

Men typically have heart attacks after age 45. Women aren


Best NYC Cardiologist

NYC Cardiologist

There are a lot of ailments that affect the form and function of the heart. Some of these ailments are contractible while others are genetic. Marfan syndrome is an atypical disorder that causes connective tissue in the body to be weaker than it normally is. There is a direct correlation between this form of tissue weakness and how well the heart and blood vessels work.

Best NYC CardiologistWhat triggers Marfan syndrome?
Marfan syndrome is caused by a defective gene. Domestically; 50,000 people are diagnosed with this condition annually. It is not gender specific and is passed from parent to child. For this reason, doctors recommend talking to a New York Cardiologist and a genetics counselor before Marfan patients begin having children. In about 25% of cases neither parent has the gene, meaning the condition stems from a reproductive mutation.

What are the risks to the heart and blood vessels?
The Marfan defect inhibits protein production within connective tissues. Without enough protein; tissues, arteries, and blood vessels will weaken. The aorta is the source of the body


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Arrhythmias are nothing new. In fact, the majority of us will experience mild irregularities in our heartbeat from time to time. These fluctuations are harmless and do not require the intervention of a cardiologist. NY Heart Clinics have noted the increased rate of cardiovascular problems among the local population. For this reason, they are dedicated to getting life-saving information out to the public. This article will focus on a specific type of arrhythmia called Sick Sinus Syndrome.

Top Cardiologist NYCWhat causes Sick Sinus Syndrome?
There is a particular node located on the upper right side of your heart. The SA Node controls the rate of the electrical impulses that precipitate a heartbeat. If the node begins to malfunction it can increase, decrease, or cause severe fluctuations in your heart rate.

The condition progresses slowly over a period of years. It is commonly diagnosed in patients over 50, although it is also a known side effect of pediatric open heart surgery.

What are the signs/symptoms?
Many patients don


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Locate A Specialist For Blood Pressure In ManhattanDid you know your heart is actually a muscle? In fact, it


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Heart Doctors

cardiologist nyc, heart doctor nyc, cardiac testingOur body is a complex system of function and interconnected relationships.  Small changes or defects in an otherwise healthy heart, and other physical malfunctions soon follow. Recently, an NY heart doctor gave some insight into how important a fit heart is. Take for instance, the pericardium.

The pericardium is the thin membrane surrounding your heart, but this membrane does more than meets the eye. Its outer layer protects the origin of your heart’s major blood vessels. Ligaments connect it to your spinal column, diaphragm, and other parts of your body. Another layer of the membrane is attached to your heart muscle. In between the two layers there


Cardiologist NYC Choosing The Best Cardiologist

Cardiologist NYC Choosing The Best Cardiologist

Most people know that heart disease is a broad-spectrum diagnosis, but what they may not realize is that the diagnosis can be narrowed down using simple auditory tests.

Cardiologist NYC Choosing The Best CardiologistWhat are auditory tests?
Auditory tests are a battery of diagnostic cues that can be identified using sensory-based detection.

A New York City Cardiologist-along with other colleagues in the field-can often find murmurs, arrhythmias, valve malfunctions, and other cardiovascular conditions; just be listening to the heart. The potential of this method may surprise you. There


Atrial Fibrillation Doctor NYC

Atrial Fibrillation Doctor NYCAtrial Fibrillation usually isn’t life-threatening, but it considered is a medical emergency. Treatment for this condition is taken very seriously. The treatment goals for Atrial Fibrillation are two-fold. First, it works to reset or control your heart
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