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What Will it Cost to Visit a Cardiologist Without Insurance?

Medical matters can be stressful, but if you find yourself needing to make a cardiologist visit without insurance, then this can cause even more anxiety than it would normally. So, should you find yourself in this position, what does it cost to get your heart health checked without the benefit of medical insurance?
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Cost to Visit a Cardiologist

The first time you go to see a cardiologist should be for a consultation to discuss your reasons for being there, including any referral details and, of course, a full medical history. A consultation should also include 2 basic checks – the physical exam and an electrocardiogram. The cost of this can be anywhere from $200 to $400, depending on who you see, the urgency of the appointment, and your location.

Further Procedures

If the cardiologist feels that there is reason for more testing to be done, then it may be recommended that you undergo further procedures. The two most common are a stress test – which shows how the heart functions under exertion, and an echocardiogram (or ultrasound) to check the quality of the valves. With a stress test costing between $500 to $1,000, and an echocardiogram costing approximately $300, it’s easy to see how quickly the costs can mount up, but it’s imperative to follow your cardiologist’s recommendations for testing; the quicker your problem can be determined, the faster and more effectively it can be treated.

Are There Alternatives?

If you felt that it cost too much to make a cardiologist visit without insurance, then the possibility to undergo testing at either a government or university hospital does exist, but be warned – the attentiveness and convenience of the processes is often very limited. At a time when you need a compassionate, experienced professional to guide you through the process, budgeting for the costs of a cardiologist visit without insurance really is the best option in the long-term.

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