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Everything You Need To Know About Heart Murmur Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Heart Murmur Treatment

There are a number of reasons a person may develop a heart murmur, not all of them are harmful. The murmur is a result of blood flowing the incorrect direction through one of the valves in the heart.

Heart Murmur Symptoms

Everything You Need To Know About Heart Murmur TreatmentIn many cases people do not experience any symptoms or complications and lead a normal healthy life. However, some people may experience symptoms similar to other cardiac issues such as:

– chest pain or pressure
– shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
– unexplained fatigue
– fainting
– irregular heartbeat or palpitations

These symptoms should never be ignored and assessed by a licensed medical professional.

Types of Heart Murmurs

There are several ways a physician will classify and grade the level of murmur that is being dealt with.

In general, the grade is labeled between a system of one to six. Grade one is very faint, it is not uncommon for a person to have one physician state there is a murmur and another state there is not when this minimal complication is being dealt with.  Six is the strongest form of this condition and can be heard without the assistance of a stethoscope.

The condition can be the result of a number of factors including:
– genetic or birth defect
– elevated blood pressure
– anemia
– fever
– thyroid dysfunction
– pregnancy
– aortic sclerosis


The medical plan that the cardiologist will be based on a number of different factors including individual medical history, symptoms, and severity of the murmur.

There are currently a number of various medications that can be used to aid a patient in managing the disorder. These may be:
– prophylactic antibiotics as a precaution
– anticoagulants
– antiarrythmics or Beta-adrenergic to control irregular heart rate or palpitations
– vasodilator to increase vessel flow
– diuretics to decrease fluid retention and blood pressure

In more serious conditions surgical repair or replacement may be necessary.

If you are concerned with a heart murmur or other cardiac condition it is important to seek medical attention.

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