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Heart Doctors NY

Heart Doctors NY

If you could describe the entire medical field in one word, what would it be? Here are some answers that come to mind: innovative, life-changing, evolving; but perhaps the most interesting answer is broad. No one is more familiar with how broad the field is than NY heart doctors. They take a diagnosis of heart disease and narrow it down to a root cause. For instance, look at Ischemia.

Heart Doctors NYIschemia is a condition where your oxygenated blood flow is temporarily interrupted. This wide-ranging diagnosis can affect any area of your body. To track it more specifically you have to look at where the problem originates.

Cardiac Ischemia refers to minimized blood flow in the heart muscle. This condition has been linked to Variant Angina and-in severe cases-heart attack and cardiac tissue death. There’s a type of Ischemia that causes chest pain and a type that does not; the latter is called Silent Ischemia.

How common is Silent Ischemia, and what are the risks?
It’s estimated that  between 3 and 4 million people are affected by Silent Ischemia. Patients who have already had a heart attack or are diabetic are at greater risk. If left untreated, the condition can cause Cardiomyopathy and lead to heart failure.

Other risk factors include:



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