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How Much Will a Cardiologist Office Visit in NYC Cost

Patients with heart and blood vessel disorders will need to see a cardiologist. NYC is considered a premier locale for addressing cardiac and circulatory issues. The geographical location of your heart specialist is one thing to take into consideration when estimating cost, but it is not the only economic factor.

Cardiologist Office Visit Cost in NYC

How many factors are there?heart-checkups-nyc

Generally, there are four cost-related aspects to consider:

1. The experience level of your specialist

2. Cost of living in your area

3. Your insurance coverage

4. The type of heart condition you have

Frankly, the more experience your doctor has, the higher the cost of seeing that cardiologist. NYC has some of the best heart doctors available, so the overall cost will be higher.

On average, a patient will spend between $195 and $510 per appointment without insurance coverage. This fee includes:

  • A consult
  • A diagnosis
  • Suggested treatment

Keep in mind; you will be seen several times a year to treat and manage your heart condition, so when possible, insurance coverage is essential. Cost also varies depending on how serious your condition is.

What do the more serious conditions run?

The answer really depends on how quickly these conditions are found and how serious they turn out to be.

Additional tests are often needed to narrow down a less obvious cause of heart disease. These tests can cost between $74 and $500 a piece. Some conditions can only be treated by a specifically trained heart surgeon or cardiologist. NYC heart centers are frequently on the list of exclusive treatment centers available to select patients with rare heart conditions.

If you find yourself in this patient group, your bills per visit will start at about $300 and top the scale at well over $500. Of course, heart health is more than just a numbers game.

Most patients do secure insurance coverage, which lowers their treatment cost considerably, if they choose an in-network provider. Patients without insurance can set up financing directly through the clinic or apply for options like a Healthcare Credit Account.

Whatever your financial circumstances may be, don’t let them stop you from seeking life-saving medical treatments. There are ways around these roadblocks, ways to make staying healthy both feasible and effective. Get informed and get treated.

Dr. Seldon, a Heart Doctor and Cardiologist in New York City, offers same day appointments and all testing is done on site.  Call us at (212) 367-8000.



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