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How To Find The Best Cardiologist For Heart Testing – Insurance Accepted

What is the simplest way to treat heart disease? From the patient’s standpoint, it involves finding the best cardiologist who specializes in monitoring and managing their condition. Unfortunately, for many cardiac patients, insurance providers see things a little differently.

Rolling the Dice on Coveragenyc-heart-doctor

As a patient, you begin to understand risk from the moment you are diagnosed with heart disease. There are risks to your health, risks to your functionality; even the risk of choosing the wrong specialist. This is why so many patients focus on finding the best cardiologist available. This inclination isn’t wrong, but it may not be supported by your insurance provider.

When it comes to insurance coverage, there is always a gamble to be made. Providers have to assess the risk of insuring people based on their potential for illness. Statistically, heart disease ranks as the single greatest health cost in America today. Meaning; that heart problems are considered a high risk and an expensive proposition to insurers.

They understand there’s more to this coverage than selecting the best cardiologist for each patient. Realistically, it comes down to paying for the ongoing long-term care of each patient. A single appointment with the best cardiologist in the city costs up to $500, not to mention tests that add anything from $74 to $500 each. How is this affordable? In a word – compliance.

What You Do makes a Difference

Providers base their coverage determinations on a patient’s:

  • treatment history
  • time insured
  • the type of coverage they selected

Out of these three factors, your treatment history makes the biggest difference.

For example, a patient who had a heart attack 10 years ago, sought and complied with regular treatment, and has had no trouble since, will end up getting a cheaper policy than an at-risk, non-compliant patient. Why? The first patient proved that they were worth the risk, as the second patient only proved to be high-risk.

What’s your best option if you’ve just been diagnosed with a serious form of heart disease? Either sign up for high-risk coverage, remain compliant with treatment, and watch the premium reduce over time, or sign up for a Group Health Plan.

Employers and Trade Unions are required to offer Group Health Plans without any conditional distinctions.

Best Cardiologist for Heart Testing

Dr. Seldon, a Heart Doctor and Cardiologist in New York City, offers same day appointments and all testing is done on site.  Call us at (212) 367-8000.



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