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How to Pick a Cardiologist

How to Pick a Cardiologist :
Cardiologists are medical specialists who are experts in the cardiovascular system. They are doctors who have completed medical school and earned residency in internal medicine, before being granted fellowship as a cardiologist. They are expected to be familiar with the most recent technological advancements pertaining to the health of the heart and must be adept with the use of pacemakers and other gadgets related to health queries.

How to Pick a CardiologistIn making your selection, it is best to consider these qualifications:

  1. Experience

You can evaluate the degree of expertise of a specialist through his years of experience. If he recently graduated from medical school, then he may lack the experience in treating cardiovascular conditions.

  1. Education

It is important that you investigate the school where he earned his degree. It is not enough that he got his licenses and authorizations. He should also be a product of a reputable educational institution.

  1. Skills

Inquire the number of successful operations he has done, the number of patients he receives, the seminars he may have attended, the articles he has published, and other achievements. You may not ask him personally but you can do a bit of research about him.

  1. Location

You should identify where his clinic is located. This is important because you may need his urgent attention during emergency cases and if he lives very far from you then it will be inconvenient.

  1. Availability

You may want to consider a cardiologist who will be there whenever you need his assistance. This should be given priority, especially if you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems. You would appreciate if the specialist you will have will not be too busy with numerous clients.

  1. Rate

How much is his diagnostic fee? Although there is a board that regulates the fees of cardiologists, certain specialist are licensed to charge more because of their years of expertise.

Include these factors when picking the best cardiologist for your needs. List it down and make a good evaluative analysis about them.

Cardiologist NYC

Dr. Seldon is conveniently located right next to NYU hospital on 37th and 1st avenue in New York City and accepts all insurances.  He offers same day appointments and has been a practicing cardiologist for over 35 years.  Call (212) 367-8000

Dr. Seldon M.D. F.A.C.C. is a board certified cardiologist.



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