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Reviews and Costs of Top Cardiologists in NYC

Reviews and Costs of Top Cardiologists in NYC

Cardiologist cost and reviews can be very helpful when choosing a heart specialist. A diagnosis like heart disease can send you reeling, unsure of where to turn. The good thing about patient reviews is that they can give you some perspective.  nyc-heart-check-up

Not Just a Formality, but a Resource

People often look at cardiologist cost and reviews as a formality or just another bend in the road to heart health. In fact, these reviews can be so much more. Consider them an introductory step into the heart healthy lifestyle.

Remember, other patients – the patients who wrote about these cardiologist cost and reviews – have been right where you are now. They know how confusing and scary this process can be; even when all you are trying to do is choose the right specialist.

Don’t forget to use their experience as a resource for you to draw on. Most of them will tell you that knowledge is one of the biggest benefits you can have post-diagnosis.

They can also help you narrow down what it is you’re looking for in a cardiologist.

The Total Care Formula

The articles you read will mention a number of deciding factors like:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Specialty selected
  • Awards/recognition
  • Hospital involvement
  • Ratings

They are right to a point.

Patients know the decision really depends on two things:

  1. Experience level
  2. Doctor-patient relationship

One you can surmise from records and research; the other you have to witness face-to-face.

Being an expert in the field of cardiology is undeniably important. You want the right resume for the job.

Looking good on paper counts, but there’s also something to be said for how your prospective specialist responds to you as a patient. Pay attention to this because it will affect how your own “heart knowledge” develops.

Look for the specialist who focuses on total care. Meaning; all of your questions are heard and answered along with the expert-level of care you receive, insuring you’re as heart healthy as possible.

Cardiologist cost and reviews can be difficult to narrow down. There are simply too many to choose from in a city like New York. The key is to know what resources to use during your selection process. The big three are:

  1. Leading local medical institutions
  2. Peer and colleague ratings
  3. Patient reviews

The first step to drafting a short list of cardiology consultants is to look into their medical affiliations.

Finding the Metaphorical “Horse’s Mouth”

Checking with area hospitals and medical centers is often easier than combing through online registries or visiting your local records office. A phone call to these medical institutions will tell you 3 very important things:

1. If the consultant is board certified (hospitals don’t give privileges to doctors that aren’t properly certified)

2. If their privileges are still active and their claimed affiliation legitimate

3. Their malpractice status and procedural history

This information speaks to a heart specialist’s track record and quality.

You want to limit your search to cardiology consultants with a board certification. This tells you they have been properly trained and educated to provide a particular medical service.

In addition, you want to make sure their ability to provide that service is still legitimate; hence, the question of hospital privileges. Finally, a brief review of their professional experience will help you narrow the field.

For instance, Mount Sinai Medical Center may perform over 6,000 heart procedures a year, but an individual doctor can perform as many as 1,500 in his/her specialty area at various locations in the city.

What Other People Have to Say

There is something to be said for the opinions of peers and patients too.

Look for cardiologist cost and reviews that mention special awards, promotions, or recognition from peers. This will tell you that they actively contribute to their field, and that they are top-rated for their contributions.

Patient reviews will give you a more personal, one-to-one view of cardiology consultants. They will tell you if your specialist is:

  • Punctual
  • Attentive
  • Comprehensive
  • Diagnostically trained
  • Up on the latest advancements
  • Focused on follow-up and long-term care

By focusing on all three categories, you get a well-rounded picture of what cardiologist cost and reviews are like in Manhattan.

Keep your list to 5 consultants or less, ask about the specialists your general practitioner would recommend, and use this research to makeup interview questions to ask during your appointment. That will garner the best results.

Finding the Right Specialist

Insurance coverage probably isn’t something you think about very often unless you are confronting or managing a long-term change to your health.

Heart disease qualifies as a long-term change. The treatment you undergo depends on the underlying causes of the condition. The good news is finding insurance covered cardiologist cost and reviews is still a relatively straightforward process.

Insurance covered cardiologist cost and reviews are available nationwide, including locations in major cities like New York. Finding the right specialist is a matter of asking the right questions, both during a consultation and in working with an insurance representative going forward.

Your coverage depends on the type of plan you’ve selected. The important thing to figure out is whether or not your cardiologist is in network or considered a preferred provider.

If you primarily see doctors and medical staff from a particular health group, you probably have insurance coverage through a maintenance organization. What that means is your appointments, tests, and procedures have high-percentage coverage as long as they remain within the previously identified healthcare group.

The co-pays are generally listed on your insurance card. That way, you know what you have to pay the day of the appointment. Any other charges that you are responsible for will be billed to you at a later date.

Always open mail from your insurance company. You will need to double check it to make sure the costs are listed properly. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to mistakenly charge you for services that they previously agreed to cover. Keep a watchful eye on things and dispute the charges when necessary.

Out of Bounds Care

What happens if the insurance covered cardiologist that you want to see is an out of network provider? Once again, the answer to this question depends on the type of insurance coverage you’ve selected.

You can opt for preferred provider coverage. This means that you are not bound by the constraints of a particular healthcare network. You simply select the provider you wish to see and pay the charges accordingly. The trade-off for this freedom is a monthly premium, co-pays, and possible charges by-appointment. It is a less restrictive, but more expensive option.

As previously discussed, changes to the United healthcare system are only on the cusp of going into full effect, so unless you are retired or disabled, your insurance guidelines should remain the same as they were in January, when reviewed through your employer.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with heart disease, it’s a good idea to put all the cards on the table before going into treatment. It will minimize your stress later.

Dr. Seldon, a Heart Doctor and Cardiologist in New York City, offers same day appointments and all testing is done on site.  Call us at (212) 367-8000.



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