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Arrhythmias are nothing new. In fact, the majority of us will experience mild irregularities in our heartbeat from time to time. These fluctuations are harmless and do not require the intervention of a cardiologist. NY Heart Clinics have noted the increased rate of cardiovascular problems among the local population. For this reason, they are dedicated to getting life-saving information out to the public. This article will focus on a specific type of arrhythmia called Sick Sinus Syndrome.

Top Cardiologist NYCWhat causes Sick Sinus Syndrome?
There is a particular node located on the upper right side of your heart. The SA Node controls the rate of the electrical impulses that precipitate a heartbeat. If the node begins to malfunction it can increase, decrease, or cause severe fluctuations in your heart rate.

The condition progresses slowly over a period of years. It is commonly diagnosed in patients over 50, although it is also a known side effect of pediatric open heart surgery.

What are the signs/symptoms?
Many patients don



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