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What are the Benefits of Receiving an EKG?

Good health is an authentic sign of a life of prosperity, given that success can be measured on various scales.  Because you realize that your health is gold, you want to be on the lookout for any signs of any situation that might compromise it even a little, and you take it upon yourself to seek immediate and timely medical attention.

When you think about health, you realize that there are those conditions that should be on your list everyday you set about assessing your health status. At the top of this good list, you put your heart. If you’re going to stay healthy and see your grand children, you need to have a pumping heart, so you take all necessary precautions to keep heart diseases away.

What could signal the advent of a cardiovascular disease?nyc-heart-doctor

Cardiovascular diseases can be “stealthy,” so you have to get smart and be on your guard for some symptoms like these:

  • Angina: This comes as a recurrence of chest pains for which you are unable to identify the source.
  • You might start experiencing neck, throat, jaw, back and abdominal pains.
  • Your breath may get short and you’ll feel as though you’re chocking at times.
  • You frequently feel your legs or arms numbing, cold, painful and weak.
  • You start sweating excessively, nauseating and vomiting without cause.

When these symptoms set in, don’t panic. Instead, do something about it.

The Benefits of an EKG

The last thing you need in your life is a heart disease progressing to the sad point where it gets difficult to treat or manage, especially when technologies like EKG exist to prevent that. EKG stands for Electrocardiogram, and it’s a kind of medical test that can be used to check for any problems with your heart’s electrical function. This system plots the heart’s electrical activity in traces of lines from which the doctor can look at the waves traced and compare them with accepted normal results.

An early EKG serves to bring out the problems early enough to be properly and efficiently dealt with to the benefit of your health. Additionally, if there’s a history of heart problems in your family, you need to make an appointment with a cardiologist and experience the benefits of an EKG for yourself.

Dr. Seldon, a Heart Doctor and Cardiologist in New York City, offers same day appointments and all testing is done on site.  Call us at (212) 367-8000.



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