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What is a Good Reason for Seeing a Cardiologist

What is a Good Reason for Seeing a Cardiologist

A lot of people question whether or not they should schedule an appointment with a heart specialist. Seeing a cardiologist is a question of timing. Sometimes that timing is related to circumstance; sometimes it’s related to symptoms. This article will review when and why seeing a cardiologist matters.

Age is a Factor, not a Reason

What is a Good Reason for Seeing a Cardiologist There is conflicting information about when heart health requires the attention of a specialist. Your risk of developing heart disease does increase with age. Men between the ages of 35 and 40 and women between the ages of 55 and 60 need to pay closer attention to their heart health. However, that doesn’t always involve seeing a cardiologist.

What your age really means for your heart is hitting the pause button. In other words, taking the time to have an honest conversation with your primary care physician. This is the first step to establishing a baseline of cardiac function and risk factors. In the majority of cases, payingseeing a cardiologist attention before heart disease develops keeps it manageable without a specialist



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