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What You Should Know To Help You Get Rid Of A Fib

What You Should Know To Help You Get Rid Of A Fib

The question of how to get rid of a fib does not always have a simple answer. While abnormal heart rhythms are common; understanding the cause of the abnormality is the key to knowing whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are lifestyle-related or a symptom of a greater cardiac problem.

Certain cardiologists specialize in monitoring electrical systems of the heart. The pulses which dictate how fast or slow your heart beats are often at the root of heart palpitations and other symptoms associated with a fib. Why is the goal of the specialty to get rid of a fib? If your heart is out of rhythm for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to life-threatening complications.

What You Should Know To Help You Get Rid Of A FibThis article will look at the restoration of normal heart rhythm.

Why does an abnormal rhythm contribute to the risk of heart attack and stroke?

Since your heart’s rhythm, dictates how well it pumps, if the electrical signal is interrupted or chaotic for a prolonged period of time, it can slow down the blood flow to and from your heart.

When cardiologists look at how to get rid of a fib, they focus their efforts on the upper left quadrant of your heart. This is where the electrical pulses are centered, but it is also the area of the heart most susceptible to blood clots if there is a problem with the rhythm.

 The blood that flows to and from your heart, even when your heart is pumping more slowly, is circulated throughout your entire body. If the clot is present, it can either block off blood flow to your heart and cause a heart attack or travel through the maze of blood vessels in your body and cut off blood flow to another area altogether.

The most common alternate routes the blood clot takes are:




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