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Who are the Best Heart Doctors in NYC

Who are the Best Heart Doctors in NYC

Heart diseases are the number one killer diseases in the United States and every other part of the globe. It is estimated that close to 1,000,000 people lose their lives in America due to heart related complications every year. Every 33 seconds in the States, an individual loses a life due to a cardiovascular disease. Who are the Best Heart Doctors in NYCMore people lose lives from heart diseases as compared to both cancer and aids. Women account for more than half the percentage of the total deaths resulting from these diseases. To make it even worse, these deaths account for a third of all the deaths in women all over the world.  Heart diseases are also noted to be common in the older generation as opposed to the young generation. A fact worth noting is that, under the age of fifty years, heart attacks in women are twice as likely as in men. The following conditions demand for the attention of the heart doctors.




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